Big Stank is a newfag to the Mumkey community, only coming in half-way through Cream War II, and quickly made a name for himself in the Mumkey Jones 2: Electric Boogaloo discord server, targetting faggots old and new. Big Stank is a diagnosed autist, and is also physically disabled.

Bully Victims

Future Funk/Sadie Sadness:

Upon entering the autistic hellhole known as Mumkey discords, Stank immedietly set eyes upon his first target, the oldfag, turned tranny, previously known as Future Funk, now going by the name of Sadie Sadness, and immediately started wooing him with the pretense of leaking some juicy pics for maximum lulz. He succeeded, resulting in the damaged, and hurt, Sadie leaving, before returning after some time passed. He is still bullied for being a degenerate, and a humongous tit.

Henrik & SassyCat:

Upon gaining Henrik's trust, Big Stank proceeded to leak chatlogs detailing the budding relationship between Sassycat and Henrik. The chat leaks weren't entirely damning nor interesting, although that didn't stop Big Stank, Cream Man and others from spamming it for two days. This tactic was effective, however as it resulted in Henrik vacating the server temporarily, returning only a short while later.