Cake Jerry (also known as 'Jerry the Mouse' or 'The Mouse from Tom and Jerry') is an American singer and songwriter, most well known for his hit single 'The Cake Jerry rap'. He rose to popularity after posting his independently produced self-titled album onto YouTube.

Cake Jerry has won numerous awards, including one Grammy Award for Best Dance Recording for the song "A cake jerry meme for the kids".

Early Life

Not much is known about Jerry's early life, except that the prominent tones of domestic abuse dispersed throughout his pieces likely hint towards some sort of resentment towards his parents. Jerry has also implied that his childhood was very troubled, though has never expounded interpretations of his lyrics.


2015–2016: Self-titled album

In 2015, Jerry began production on his first rap album, titled as 'Cake-Jerry'. In an interview with Mumkey Jones, Jerry was quoted as stating that 'this album became my life, and everything surrounding it at the time'. The album was released in 2016, and was met with overall positive reception. Roger Egbert did not comment, as he had died of cancer at that point. The music video for the track 'A cake jerry meme for the kids' won a Grammy award for 'Best dance recording'. Cake Jerry called it 'the year that stopped him from his preemptive suicide'. Despite the success, behind the scenes Jerry continued to be berated by his parents. In an emotional fit of rage, Jerry removed all of the accompanying music videos he had released onto YouTube, and quietly faded into obscurity.


Cake Jerry remained silent for the first few months of 2017, causing many to pronounce him as another case of a 'one-hit wonder'. To many's shock, however, he returned to the music scene in late March, revealing that he had been offered a deal to re-release his tracks under an officially sponsored VEVO channel. This was met with mixed reception, with Roger Egbert dubbing him a 'sell-out only in it for the money'. Cake Jerry would go on to have sex with Egbert's wife and children (all of whom were over the age of consent).

Public Image


Cake Jerry's presence social media consists primarily of his twitter page, in which he often tweets about the pain and emotional stress as a result of his short-lived musical career. As a result of his abrasive nature, he has been a target of Internet bloggers and message board posters, especially users of the Internet message board 4chan and of YouTube. Nick Collins of The Daily Telegraph said that "Jerry's character appears to strike a particularly sour note with his Internet critics" who have questioned his manner of speech, among other things.


  • Cake Jerry (2016)
  • I Loved Black People (unreleased)

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