The J.E.W.S. are a secret organization in Mumkey's mind that seek to torture Mumkey for unknown reasons. Their very existence is questioned in the Welcome to the NHK review. Little is known about the J.E.W.S. except that they may simply be a figment of Mumkey's imagination. J.E.W.S. stands for Judicial Executives Worldwide and they have met for the last 2000 years. They got George Bush elected and orchestrated 9/11. This was funded by the income from Seinfeld and was enacted as a scheme to turn the US against the Muslims. The ultimate goal is the colonization of Mars and the enslavement of all non-Jews. In order to prevent Earth based interference they seek to cause WW3 resulting in a nuclear war. This war will be caused from the conflict with radical Islam. The J.E.W.S. created global warming in order to get funding for space exploration. The Bee Movie was a plot to indoctrinate children in the theory of global warming.

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