Mein Kampf is an anime book written by the former leader of Germany, Adolf Hitler. The book includes Hitler's personal meditations, ambitions, and inspirational quotes. This book was chosen by fans on a poll to be Mumkey's 49th Anime Review over Donald Trump's "Art of the Deal" and the Book of Mormon.

This manga was written around two thousand five hundred years after the Torah and nearly two thousand years after the New Testament. The manga came out in two arcs, with the first being published in 1925 and the second in 1926. While the first arc follows the protagonist throughout his life and how e got to where he is, the second arc follows his plans for the future and how he will bring the Motherland back to glory.

Three versions of the manga came out in it's original run, the People's Edition which was the regular book and featured a golden swastika and is considered the most common version. The Wedding Edition also came out, and featured the local seal embossed in gold, this version was given to married couples for free. The third standard version was the Knapsack version, and was made much smaller and portable.

A special version was also published in 1939 to celebrate Hitler's birthday, this book came in both red and blue with a large golden sword printed on the cover. This version was much more elaborate and larger than the others. This version is essentially the prototype of the 'Manga of the Year' format.

Hitler promotes a race of blond haired blue eyed anime protagonists to overtake the industry and become the premier character archetype of anime, especially European anime.

The book enforces Hitler's methods to take Europe as well as his plans regarding the Jewish people. The book includes the concept 'Living Space' for the German people, essentially meaning that the ethnic Germans need more room and Europe will be that space.

This manga resulted in a constantly reviewed anime adaptation known as the Holocaust. This manga is considered controversial as it's fanbase known as the Nazis caused the death of over 6 million people. The Holocaust is denied by various groups of people who deny the evidence of the genocide, but Jewish people were definitely persecuted and detained in Europe, especially those in Germany and Poland.

This book reveals the Jewish conspiracy to backstab Germany and that rather than a religion, they are a race. This 'backstab' part blames the Jewish people for Germany taking the fall for the First World War.

This manga is very inspirational and inspires Mumkey to have the courage to ask Alexa out.

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