Sexual Deviants Podcast is a live podcast hosted by Aweom, featuring his friends Cream Man, Grayskyman, Princess Nat Lord, and Mr.Meatman, among others. Special Guests have included Mumkey, Sheepover, Patchy Jones, Assburger, and Syy.

Episode 1

Topics: Cream Wars, Fetishes, Embarrassment

Dominicans fucking stink. These assholes are fucking everywhere corrupting the goddamn purity of everything with their goddamn shitfucking seed. Kill every single goddamn Dominican, especially that fucking nigger Endless Godamn Jess, the rightful loser of the Cream Wars, which happened to be the initial subject of the first episode.

Apparently someone actually watches this shit because some retard named July Henders was there the whole time PMSing about how she didn't know who people were.

Episode 2


Topics: Club Penguin and Minorities

Club Penguin is fucking dead so I might as well kill myself too. It's the only thing keeping me going so fuck it. God damn Disney ruining my life. Marvel comics what a bunch of SJW cucks. If the main character isn't a CIS white male I refuse to watch your movie. Fucking lame garbage. Hot fucking garbage. I hate you July Henders; you failed to show up. Fuck you July, you bitch I hope you cease to exist. That about covers all the bases cause we barely talked. Why the fuck does this podcast episode have barely any discussion. It was just a let's play. Fuck you.

Episode 3


Video games are for fucking nerds. Why are you wasting your life playing in virtual worlds rather than actually accomplishing something in the real world. Pathetic.

Drama is such a worthless topic. Nobody cares about this insider bullshit. July Henders was as alienated as every other new viewer is while this shitty topic is brought up. Nobody cares about Endless Jess anymore. Fuck you all. Especially that nasally bitch kid.